WARNING: Don't even think about spending another dime on these real estate Gurus who are more concerned about selling you a program then actually helping you!

From: Cameron Dunlap

RE: Tired of Paying For Real Estate Training?


Dear New Investor:

Are you tired of all the old, out-dated, fluffy, re-hashed, teaser, I could on and on, real estate materials you've seen on the Internet. I mean come on... It's time for a change. Some of the stuff I've seen out there would even get you into legal trouble if you actually used it.

Plus, you don't know who you can trust anymore because almost anyone can say whatever they want on the Internet and the majority of the time it's all fake.

Forgive me for being so bold, but if you haven't seen lately, things have changed, dramatically... especially in the real estate world.

If you're listening to some fake, out-dated real estate guru who is more concerned about selling you his program, you could be risking your own money or possibly even end up with legal problems.

And there is nothing worse then paying $100's of dollars for materials and you find out later the strategy doesn't work or the guru has gone bankrupt and you can't get ahold of them anymore to ask your questions...

So then you give up, the materials collect dust or they sit on your computer and you decide real estate investing is not for you...

Well I'm here to convince you otherwise and in a minute you'll be glad you stuck around because unlike everyone else, I'm going to GIVE you my training, which I'll explain shortly...

See, I was very close to quitting the real estate business almost 18 years ago and man am I ever GLAD I stuck with it. Today I live very comfortable. And you can too!

You can easily do this
if you have the right guidance,
the right information and support.

No doubt, you'll appreciate what I'm sharing with you today because you are probably, at least a little, like me... you're looking for someone you can trust who is sincere about helping you succeed.

Real estate investing can seem overwhelming and intimidating, at first, especially if you're just starting out.

Truth is, just like anything in life, once you do a few profitable real estate transactions, and get familiar with how it all works, it get's a lot easier... You no longer have that fear or feeling of intimidation from every transaction.

And if you're new to all this, then you deserve the best chance to land a paycheck, even in today's market.

If you wait... You may be too late.

This is a market you will most likely NEVER see again in your lifetime. You definitely don't want to miss this chance to create something more for you and your family. All I can say is the time is now if you are interested in uncovering huge cash windfalls as a real estate investor.

The best part about being a real estate investor is that you can be very creative. You don't have to have money (of your own), good credit or even a job to put together a deal. It's extremely creative and if done right very minimal risk.

Which brings up an important question...

Is There A Strategy That Requires No Money, No Credit Checks, Is Risk Free And You Can Do In Your Spare Time?

The Answer is YES!!! It's called Wholesaling. I've been doing it for the past 18 years and I want to show you how to land your first paycheck no matter what your situation.

Wholesaling is simply when you buy something below market value, in this case a property, and you sell it to someone else for a higher price. That higher price is just enough for you to make some good money and still sell the property under market value allowing your end buyer to make a profit as well. That way they come back and buy more.

The reason I love wholesaling is because it's very creative... anyone can do it no matter what their financial situation and there is very little risk the way I'm going to show you how to do it.

OK. You might be asking what this is all about?

So, let's talk about how I can help you reach your goals and get the life you've always dreamed of... a life like mine where you have the freedom to do pretty much what you want and the finances to live the kind of lifestyle that goes with having more money than you need and the time and freedom to enjoy that wealth.


"Cameron Dunlaps Foreclosure University"

This Foreclosure University Training is made up of 15 videos or approximately 8 hours of training from me, talking and showing you step by step the exact wholesale process. You're going after a specific type of property so you eliminate most of the competition.

Inside these videos you'll find the most up-to-date training on foreclosures and wholesaling... positioning you to create massive wealth in this economy - so you don't miss the very short window of opportunity we have right now.

This easy to follow, step-by-step "Video University" gives you the inside track on how to CORRECTLY invest in these foreclosures, reduce your risk and make even more profits for yourself on each transaction...

Plus I've decided just to GIVE it to you...
Which Begs The Question WHY?

The reason I am giving away this training is simple. First I don't need your money. You worked hard to make it, so I want you to keep it. Secondly, I make my money when you flip a property.

You see, I've set this up so I only get paid when YOU make money. You might be wondering how that's done? Well again it's simple...

One of the biggest challenges you and I face today is financing? These days lenders REQUIRE you to close your end of the deal first using funds you bring to the closing table. The days of using your end buyers money to fund your side of the transaction is over.

If You Don't Have A Rich Uncle Or Access To Cash, You're Basically Out Of The Game!

That's where I come in...

You need someone to fund the first transaction between you and the seller. That someone is me. I want to be your strategic funding partner because that's where I make my money. I charge a very low 2% on all your wholesale transactions. That's it! The rest is for you to keep. And if you look around you'll find NO ONE can even come close to that. Not even a bank!

So it only makes sense for me to give you all the tools you'll need so you'll come to me when you're ready to flip your investments...

Think of me as your transactional funding partner. I don't care what your credit score is... I don't care how much money you make... I simply don't care because you'll have an end buyer lined up to flip the property to.

So I have a vested interest in making sure your training is complete, up to date and easy to understand so you'll bring me more deals. And the more deal you do, the more checks you cash.

It's a WIN-WIN the way I see it.

So what's the Catch?

Like I said before... If I can show you what I've been doing for the past 18 years that has made me a fortune, the better chance I have to fund your deals and help you cash a paycheck.

Now because I've been doing this for so long, I know what's working and what's not working. I know what to do and what not to do. I've made the mistakes so you don't have to. I've also created an application to save you time, make your life easier and more simplified.

It's called iFLip. iFlip is a complete hands off virtual real estate money making system... It's a system designed to do the work for you so you can focus your time on the more important things. It helps to "Automate" the process and is like having someone work for you 24 hours a day.

Most people who get started in this business already have some sort of job that requires a great deal of their time. One of the big reasons people quit is because they can't find the time to find deals. So they never make offers. And if you don't make offers, you don't make money.

That's one of the reasons iFLip was born, to be that someone who does all the busy work for you so you can make those offers. No more sending letters, making phone calls and knocking doors because this is NOT the best use of your time...

There is a better, more efficient, less expensive way...let others do it for you and let iFLip manage it ALL.

You're going to experience step-by-step exactly how to FLOOD your iFLip system with so many leads you'll be asking me how to turn it off... No Joke! Then you'll qualify those leads so you're not wasting your time or your bird-doggers time.

With iFLip you'll be able to manage all your deals, all your bird-dogs and even build a massive buyers list.

Now This Is Where It Really Gets Exciting...

iFLip also contains an active database of nationwide home buyers anxiously waiting for YOUR deals to pop up. We add hundreds of new buyers to this list weekly and you will have instant access to this growing list.

So if you're concerned about not being able to find an end buyer or end up with a property you can't sell, be concerned no more. We've done the work so you don't have to. This massive buyers list continues to grow daily... regardless if you add to it or not. This way you can feel confident when you make offers because you'll always have an end buyer lined up before any transaction goes through.

Plus, you'll have me now to fund your deals once you have everything lined up.

This is the automated system I use every day in my own business, which has made me a TON of money, as well as thousands of other students, so I know it works and it's constantly being updated and improved because real estate is constantly changing.

I want you to see how powerful this tool really is. So I've made it possible for you to test drive iFLip for 30 days. All I require is a small $1.95 set up fee. And trust me, that doesn't even cover my programmers time. However, you need to see for yourself how powerful the tool really is and how much it will help you cash more paychecks.

Just like these students of mine...

Yes iFLip is Truly Amazing...

Bottom line is... as I said before, I sincerely want to make a difference in your life... I want to help you succeed... you're not here to pay me thousands of dollars, you are here to get something that will help you get started making money as a real estate investor that you can trust and that won't cost you an arm and a leg.

I'm not here to "offer" you another book or audio program that will sit on your computer and collect dust. I am giving you a chance to let me help you do all the "busy" work so you'll have more spare time to do deals and keep you on track so you actually do something.

That's another reason I've giving you the video trainings. Most people love to put things off. This will keep you on track, show you exactly what to do and how to effectively use iFLip to manage it all, enabling you to land paycheck after paycheck.

Get started now...

Here is what you'll receive today:

This is a truly comprehensive training...
it has everything you need and want.

It should... its taken over eighteen years to bring all of this to you.

Foreclosure University represents the best information, collected from my 18 years of experience.

You're getting my complete training -- not just part of what you need, everything you want to get you started.

I've seen enough junk to last me a lifetime, you don't want to have to go through the same thing.

So what's it all worth?

A lot more than $1.95 that's for sure.

Bottom line is...
you need this information.

Get started now...don't wait.

How long I'll offer the program for this low investment, I don't know.

I'd like to say forever but that's not possible, which is exactly why you need to start building your foreclosure investing business now.

There are so many people who are in need of your help as a foreclosure investor because of this economy... get started today, start using iFLip, help others the same way I'm helping you, and make a fortune while you're at it.

Right now, this is a limited
, my way of helping.

No promises it will last, no guarantees that the next time you come back here you won't see a different price.

I don't want people thinking this is a "cheap" training either... it's taken me years to put this training together and I've charged over $1000.00 for this same training you're getting for nothing.

Seriously, put some thought into this... you are guaranteed all of this incredible training... everything you'll need to start making money for you and your family, and you have nothing to lose.

This is where I'd offer you some sort of bonus or money back guarantee, but since you're getting the training for FREE and test driving iFLip for only $1.95, I guess I don't need to throw in any bonuses or guarantee's because it's already a risk free deal and there is so much value in this training as is.

Unless you are not really interested in making a better life for yourself and your family as a real estate investor, there isn't any reason to put it off any longer.

In as little as a 30 days, you could be cashing your first $5,000, $10,000 or even $50,000 check.

Of course, I can't guarantee that you'll make any money at all with my training or anyone elses for that matter, because I don't know you. I don't know how much time you'll put into learning and using the tools and applications I'm giving you or how dedicated you are to improving your current circumstances.

I know you can do this and that my Foreclosure University Video Training with the iFLip Application is a proven way to hit the ground running and get your real estate investing business up profiting quickly. The truth is though, that not everyone who goes through my training will actually use it, which is very sad to me.

The Best Time To
Get Involved Is NOW.

If you are the kind of person who is sincere about having a better life and creating a financially rewarding, fun, secure, flexible lifestyle for yourself and your family, you want the Foreclosure University Training with iFLip doing all the work for you.

Plus, I've given you such an incredible deal, that even if you want to take your time and go slowly at first, by test driving iFlip today, you've made the best choice you can make for yourself and your future... with no risk.

Cameron Dunlaps Foreclosure University
8 Hour Home Study Video Training
30-Day iFlip Test Drive

Only $1.95

  "Yes, Cameron! Please give me the $1.95 trial of iFLip! I'm getting full access to iFLip including all 3 iFLip personalized websites... iFlip will manage my bird dogs, keep track of my deals and give me access to the nationwide buyers list! I understand that after the 30-day trial, I will be charged $79.99 a month for iFLip and may cancel anytime."

"I also understand that I'm getting full access to the 15 Foreclosure University Training Videos. These are recordings from the same live event that people paid $1000's to attend and I get them for FREE so I can learn the business and you can fund my deals."

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Get Started Today!

I'm here if you need any help or assistance.

For now, get started... Click on the button to set up your iFLip 30-day trail for $1.95 and access your Foreclosure University Video Training.

Success is Yours,

Cameron Dunlap

P.S. I can share with you how wonderful investing in foreclosures is until I'm blue in the face, but you have to be the one to take action. I can't force you to change your life, that's up to you. All I can do is give you the knowledge and tools you need to get started and become successful.

Your at a crossroads, a very critical point in history like none we've ever seen before and right now is the time to act, to take advantage of the chance you have to make a difference (and a fortune!) before it's too late, you miss the chance forever and the window closes.

To me, the choice is simple... Go on, get started today... Select the "Add to Cart" button above and get started.

P.P.S. Remember, You have NOTHING TO LOSE. I just want you to test drive iFlip which will automate the entire investing process and gives you the best chance to land a paycheck. You’ll have immediate access to the video training and iFLip when you ORDER NOW.

Look, now is the time to break free start living the life you deserve.

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